Saying goodbye to Phillip Island

Well today was officially my last day of work at Silverwater Resort in San Remo. I will be leaving here in a few days, doing a day trip to Wilson’s Promontory in the east, and then next Saturday April 20th I’ll be taking the train to Adelaide. I’ve booked a winery day trip tour in the Barossa Valley for Sunday the 21st and a trip to Kangaroo Island on the 22nd, staying there two nights before coming back to Adelaide Wednesday on the ferry. Thursday April 25th is ANZAC day, Australia and New Zealand’s veteran’s day. So Friday I booked a swim with dolphins day cruise. Then the morning of Saturday April 27th I get picked up to start a 6 day/5 night “Rock Patrol” group tour up to Alice Springs and Uluru, ending on Thursday May 2nd, with a company called Groovy Grapes Tours.


Barossa Valley wineries tour

Kangaroo Island 3-day trip

Swim with the Dolphins morning cruise

Rock Patrol 6 day/5 night tour

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  1. Jessica says:

    Swimming with the Dolphins…an experience I definitely would like to try some day soon! Hope you have fun!..I got your awesome postcard from Tasmania..thank you! I could almost feel the warm weather radiating from it.:). Ottawa has been full of rotten weather, freezing rain, snow landed here again yesterday, just when everyone thought we were getting spring.
    Your adventures seem to be getting more and more exciting..were going to have to start to call you Laura Croft I think.. Take lots of pictures! You will be the traveler extraordinaire that can take people on visual holidays. And charge big bucks :).
    Do you know where your next stationary 2 week spot will be with an address, so I can send you something? lol. I checked out your map in San Remo and apparently there is a Punch Bowl Road…Do they like their spiked punch bowls where you are? 🙂 I wonder how they named that road… Well take care! And safe travels.–Jess

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