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Problems with iPhone device provisioning

Before working on the iPhone, I have only a day or two’s experience with secure certificates.  The SSL certificate I bought for a web site took a day to buy and another day to setup.

Now, I am dealing with these secure certificates again, and it’s a bit challenging because of my lack of experience!

The task at hand: get Xcode to properly upload one of my apps for testing on the iPod touch.  I think the provisioning is giving me troubles, or something else is.   When I tried to build an app I downloaded as a tutorial, it had someone else’s name in the configuration for the device, so I changed it to my own and also included the certificate, and it still kept telling me the other person’s name was in the configuration.

So I stopped trying to use that tutorial project, and went back to my own, and discovered that Xcode is bugged up.  I try to build and run, setting the device as the Active SDK.

And it uploads the app, but if I am running the debugger, and I click build and debug, it uploads, but gives me an error saying “Failed to upload the ___ app”

Then I look at the iPod touch, and the app is sitting there.  I delete the app, repeat the process, and it’s exactly the same as described.

I’ve checked every single Build-Debug configuration setting and they’re all proper, so I know the issue is not there.

I’ve just finished restarting the iPod touch, and the results:


I’m really puzzled.  Possibly some other file is causing me grief.    I created a new test project to verify Xcode can still upload and debug, and yes, it can still upload and debug.  So, there’s something buggy with the app.  Cleaning the targets doesn’t help either.

And this issue has started since testing this other tutorial app out.

EDIT: I have solved this issue after checking google a second time.  First time searching for the problem did not give any success, but second time I found this: Failed to upload XXX.app

More information: The location of the name of this other person was in the Code signing area of the TARGET, but not of the PROJECT.    That’s solved now.

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