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Back in the Land of the One-eyed Bloggers

After a long while of struggling, this blog is now properly secured by SSL. This has been a major goal since returning from Banff and area, Alberta, in October.

Lots of goings on, lately: finished a job made up of a long series of small jobs for a client, got another new job like that for a local building supply store, setting up point-of-sale and inventory.

Working on a few iOS projects and very soon I hope to revisit android too.

There are so many things that go on, blogging about everything is a bad idea unless there is something useful and valuable to say.

So now I’ll say: take care of your eyes. Seriously. Unrelated, sure, but i was striken with a severe case of iritis this week. That is inflammation of the iris. It’s something making me more caring of my vision. Thinking of all those people with sight in only one eye, or fully blind, I am more compassionate to them and others suffering this Christmas season.


This is just a pic of my eyes, one dilated with some drops. This is to attempt the breaking-away of, or prevention of, the lens becoming sticky and adhering to the iris. When such a thing does happen, cells can get pulled away from the iris and remain on the lens.




The following accurately depicted my sight on the worst of the days:
The sight from my left eye, with contact in, 20/20.










The sight from either eye on any given day WITHOUT aid by contact or glasses









The sight in my right eye, clouded and less sensitive to blue light so things become more yellow/orange in color








When this is over, I will try to remember the pain and frustration, so the memory keeps me more proactive!

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