About my work

For over 17 years I’ve been building deep experience in world-wide-web development.  Several years ago I generalized to cover any client need, outside of pure web.  I’ve designed a book cover and countless visual assets, 3D models for prototype furniture, custom multi-angle videography and associated DVD production for weddings and music performances, designing and production of promotional DVD for an NHL hockey player that was distributed around North America.  My clients are across Canada and many countries around the world.

When maintaining a specialist interest in the web, it lead naturally to the mobile web, and that lead further to native iPhone OS and iOS, Android and HTML5 apps.  One such project blended a home-built Javascript engine targeting 3D Smart TVs to view 3D stereographic photos captured on a home-built iOS app.

My work also has a focus on entertainment and game development.  While I’ve built games for clients, I have an on-going hobby project that may never be fully complete.  That project is the ancestor project of almost every client connection and career opportunity I’ve made in the last 6 years.  It serves as a happy memory of explosive self-directed growth (personally and professionally), and a blazing furnace of inspiration for future career adventures.

About the blog

Tom with guitar

The idea of “The Edge of Thought” is how I describe the source of new and exciting ideas.  Creation of great things in all human-based actions comes from great ideas being acted upon.

That was something I interpreted many years ago.  Trying to find a comfortable niche has never been fully successful.  So I find myself frequently in thought.  Sometimes during creative sessions in work hours, I’ll lay on a couch or bed and close my eyes, letting mind wander and feel and envision things that are drowned by the hour-to-hour stresses of regular living. The discovery of many ideas come thus, and from expanding my horizons in new activities.

Everyone has thoughts, perhaps most are not appropriate for mass distribution. Much of what I write is probably this way, since I’m not a trained writer. While I find some weird sense of self-indulgence when it comes to blogging, the easy way over that is to provide hard analysis and draw conclusions.

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