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The Importance of Design (Work SMARTER, not HARDER!)

Today is a great day! It’s one of many that have been inspiring toward planning things.

In the last year, I’ve completed a number of projects, and returned to development of some long-delayed projects.

Through the course of 2013, plus the end of 2012, I’ve developed a new perspective. It’s a perspective, and a respect, for design and planning. These concepts have become so valuable to me now, to the point I am prioritizing them above action/execution. ┬áThat’s a challenge, because I’m obsessively action-oriented. In October 2013, I wrote on my giant whiteboard a new mantra, one I like to repeat everyday, in large blue letters: “Work SMARTER, not HARDER”.

The above 3 paragraphs were typed without planning the subject of each. The remainder is going to be planned! hahaha…

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