2019 edition – Reading List Part One

Over the last 24 months, since spring 2017, I have become invested in the reading list and grand culture of humanities, history, science and research after really digging into the work of Jordan Peterson. At this time, I am tackling … Continue reading

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Blog Spring Cleaning, 2017 edition

This site has sat dormant for a year or two, but the intention to write has never died. I’m going to try building new connections through the web to this blog, and unpublish some old posts that are not meaningful … Continue reading

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Fun with game character movement (1920s automobile)

This is my first blog post in almost a year!  Let me introduce, very briefly the current experimental game I’m working on. This is a card+board+actionfigure game, themed on the italian mafia of the 1920s.  I will remove this paragraph here, … Continue reading

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Morning statistics – Coffee beans & grounds, weight and servings

This morning, coffee was on the menu. While preparing the french press and noticing my tiny air-tight jar was empty, wherein I store a few cups-worth of fresh grounds, I also glanced at my digital kitchen food scale.  Hmm. So following is some statistics I … Continue reading

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New Zealand with Sarah, November 7 – November 26

I landed in Auckland at about 1am on Nov 7. Earlier on the 6th my American friend Sarah had flown to Auckland to begin her New Zealand Working Holiday Visa. She booked us a room in an airport hotel and … Continue reading

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Roma, Queensland July 26-November 5, 2013

When I flew back to Australia from South East Asia, I decided to go to Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, on the east coast because I had never been there before. I caught a flight into Perth and then an … Continue reading

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The Importance of Design (Work SMARTER, not HARDER!)

Today is a great day! It’s one of many that have been inspiring toward planning things. In the last year, I’ve completed a number of projects, and returned to development of some long-delayed projects. Through the course of 2013, plus … Continue reading

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Phnom Penh Wednesday June 12-Saturday June 15 We used the last of our Ringgits at the airport to buy McDonalds, but we still didn’t have enough so the manager came over and gave us a “staff discount” so we could … Continue reading

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First month in SE Asia – Singapore and Malaysia

Singapore May 12 Arrived in Singapore and got to my hostel safely. Hopped in bed at 5am. Sarah and I went to the night safari that (Sunday) night. Monday May 13 We went to the Singapore Zoo before taking our … Continue reading

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4 Days Perth to Monkey Mia Return Tour

Four days Monkey Mia Tuesday May 7 Nathalie and I got picked up a little past 7am. We headed out of Perth and eventually stopped at the Pinnacles in Nambung National Park. After that we drove a little more to … Continue reading

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