2019 edition – Reading List Part One

Over the last 24 months, since spring 2017, I have become invested in the reading list and grand culture of humanities, history, science and research after really digging into the work of Jordan Peterson.

At this time, I am tackling the following books (a VERY short non-exhaustive list, many more on my short-list reading pile):

  1. The Master and his Emissary (Iain McGilchrist)
  2. The Brain that Changes Itself (Norman Doidge)
  3. Maps of Meaning (Jordan Peterson)
  4. The Origin and History of Consciousness (Erich Neumann)
  5. The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious (Carl Jung)
  6. The Will to Meaning (Viktor Frankl)

Recently I was in Toronto at a book signing by Graham Hancock.  Sometime in the last year, someone dear to me, whose unique reading interests and general life interests closely match my own, made recommendation that I read Graham Hancock’s Supernatural.  His books appear in the New Age/Occult section of bookstores, a section I’m normally I’m not interested in.  And yet, in the last few weeks I learned that Graham Hancock wrote a new book, was doing a book tour, and some people I knew in Toronto area were either attending it or interested, although the first person who recommended it to me is farther away and cannot attend.  So I decided to check it out.  And it was much more fact-detailed, non-speculative but research and investigating-oriented than I originally presumed.  In a word: balanced.

Now today I’m reminded of the extra reading titles and authors I’ve been exposed to directly and indirectly through Jordan Peterson: Ovid, Herodotus, Thucydides.  So I’ve gone to Amazon and am picking up some books, and just want to link them here.


The Landmark Thucydides

The Landmark Xenophon’s Hellenika

The Landmark Julius Caesar: The Complete Works: Gallic War, Civil War, Alexandrian War, African War, and Spanish War

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