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Crazy day

This morning I woke up to the alarm duck quacking at 5:30 am. Having set the alarm a few hours earlier (2:30 am) I was tired and turned off the alarm. Fortunately I set two extra alarms: 6:00 am and 6:40 am. So I really woke up around 6, then was out of bed around 6:20, trying to become sane.

Prepared for the day, and embarked on a day that took me to a great musician jam, followed by a visit to Dad’s home and a visit to a new photography store in downtown Colborne. Finally, a visit to another friend’s home who I’m doing work for.

I arrived home around 6pm, and have been wanting to go to sleep since. Now, it’s 11:50pm and I’m typing the first entry on the new Edge of Thought blog. I have two domains that are joined: EdgeOfThought.com and TheEdgeOfThought.com so the branding with the word “The” is optional, but both work.

The music was great. Maybe in a week or two I will play Classical Gas in front of a bunch of people. Or maybe something else… must refer to the list of songs I typed on facebook, I cannot remember all the songs I’ve learned.

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