Rapid Fire

Levels of difficulty: Sunburn, Sun Surface, Nuclear. hehehe

Levels of difficulty: Sunburn, Sun Surface, Nuclear. hehehe

Download and play on Mac (Windows, iOS, Android later May 2016)



This was developed for TOJam 11, “Don’t Stop bEleven”.

TOJam is the Toronto Game Jam! It is every year in early May, since 2006. It celebrated it’s 10th anniversary in 2015, Tentacular… and had a tentacle-squid

A couple days before TOJam 11, my sister was witnessing a huge evacuation from the wildfire of Fort McMurray, Alberta.  She works in Fort McMurray, and was late to evacuate due to helping with the logistics of north-fled evacuees. I was very concerned, but also a sense of trust in the established organizations for rescue and recovery gave me needed peace.  Still, seeing the dramatic photos and dreading the news of fatalities got me thinking about the horrible task of fighting the fires.  And to credit and honour the fighters, I thought what better idea than a game where you take on the role of a fire fighter in a forest, rescuing forest communities.

On the weekend of May 6-8, 2016 for 1.5 days (Friday and Saturday) Rapid Fire was coded and filled with beautiful art and music, and polished on Sunday.  Actually I barely polished it Sunday, more truthfully I just enjoyed playing around with it, and a few hours through the week I’ve added a couple touch-ups of polish (like adding gamepad controller support, since I didn’t have one with me at the game jam).  Happily, on Saturday her flight from Ft McMurray – Edmonton – Toronto landed safely.  🙂  Awesome.



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