New author, plus testing WordPress iPhone app

Tonight (in eastern timezone) my sister has asked about setting up a blog and slideshow.  She’s on a working holiday in Australia.  So in an attempt to learn more myself and give her a solution, I’ve created a user for her and category for blog posts, added to the site main menu.

While doing so, she and I discussed posting from the iPhone.  I explained about the last experience I had with the iPhone app, that it was very simplistic, not full-featured like the web site.  And so she got the app, and I updated (first time using the app in over a year).

Now, this actual post originated as a test post from within that app.  Like I said, before today, I probably last used WordPress on iPhone over a year ago.  Now after updating, I must say the edit post/compose new post screens are much more full-featured, and that’s very pleasing.

Also today I’ve learned (or re-learned) the use of the “more” comment tag in WordPress.  With this renewed knowledge, it may be useful to edit some of older posts.

The following massive bulky pictures are here to demonstrate the result of including an image into a post from the iPhone app.  Two words: overwhelming and uncontrolled, despite being what I described as “more full featured”.  It is good to get the pictures INTO a post, but to format them very cleanly, it doesn’t work.  So editing a post using the wordpress web interface is important after the initial draft or publish.

Also it shows a bug I found in the app.  I was forced to exit the app in order to tap the “Okay” button on the Notifications request alert.




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