Caffeine and Quantum mechanics (Late-night thoughts on metaphysics)

Just drank some coffee and effortfully trying to develop a new project for the next couple months. And I’m getting into metaphysics. It’s dangerous, mostly because the conjecturing while alone in the wee hours of the morning is time consuming and not really productive. But it’s so addictive, and I’ll just type a bit of it here for fun.

I’ve never looked into the established terms and assumptions/beliefs of quantum mechanics, I know basically nothing about it as would be taught in any university courses. But I understand the term, and I know it’s applied to physics, and computing. Quantum (plural quanta) is a base concept, something from which everything else is built. It is the 1×1 lego block (actually those are also subdivided into one-third blocks by height), it’s the single card in a 10,000 house of cards, it’s the smallest physical particle in a subatomic structure.

There was a brief moment I read some YouTube videos about creationism vs evolutionism, and commented about how they’re not mutually exclusive. But, that’s my own perspective, because I’ve redefined both creationism, and evolution. I have to redefine the terms if I want to deal with people in both schools of thought on an even playing field. The approach is to break the schools of thought down into smaller parts. And the description of what breaks them appart, is what I’d call a dimension.

When considering what a dimension may be, beyond a rigid, super simplistic geometric dimension (ie length, width, height! Heyo!), a person could accept there are too many dimensions in the universe to count, so say infinite dimensions.  And dimensions can be grouped, for example those geometric dimensions could actually be considered the same single dimension, just broken down into smaller details, in the higher dimension called “space”. There is time, “the fourth dimension”, as named in the Back To The Future movies. There is then other dimensions that apply in other situations, like colour is often considered a result of combining different paint colours. The drop of paint, I could suggest, is a quantum point, quantium particle, whatever. The colour of the paint is like a dimension, but the best way to approach this analogy is saying only the primary subtractive colours (cyan, magenta and yellow, roughly equivalent to blue, red, yellow primary colours), are the quantum paints, and everything else is a derivative.

This is all just random discussion until I get to the point for now, which is: that we know virtually nothing. And even when we think we know things, I’d argue that it’s really just a shade of the truth, an illusion of the real underlying fact. We can see paint colours, but we don’t necessarily know what makes up those colours on a deeper level. Further, there are other dimensions to paint, as with other things like space/time. in-example, there is the texture of paint, the stickiness of paint, and the opacity and these attributes may be (or may not be) independent of eachother.

So I posted on Twitter:

“Seeing the facts people believe as truth as atomic (quantum) points. And the 99% space in-between? All the stuff we don’t know.”

Facts, truth, opinions, they whiz around our heads like electrons around an atomic nucleus, influenced by so many unknown things.  I seek to know more about music, but then it puts me off learning about everything else.  So I stopped playing the guitar for a few months.  In fact, I didn’t get to learning much else, rather I worked.  My time is slipping away, and at each moment of each day I could be buying more knowledge, but so often it gets wasted.  Sometimes I can’t stop trying but the effort fails anyway because I’ve tried to do more than my body will properly handle.  This is part of the experience that leads me to understand the human mind as a quantum unit, and the self, and the dimension that it is in.  But it’s still so difficult to describe using English, it seems I have to stop before I start.  If I start, I’ll have to describe every part of the human mind and thought process, and then it’d become an obsession to keep me up the rest of the wee hours of the morning.

In conclusion, I must stop drinking coffee this late at night.

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