Week in Sydney

My flight from Vancouver to Sydney was pretty uneventful. I slept off and on for the first several hours (the first ten I believe) interrupted twice to eat dinner and a snack. This was great because it prepared me for … Continue reading

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BC Lions Game

While I was in Vancouver (Nov 1-5th) Lisa and I went to the BC Lions vs Saskatchewan Roughriders CFL game on Saturday, November 3rd. We had fun and both of us commented that we were glad we went. They also … Continue reading

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New author, plus testing WordPress iPhone app

Tonight (in eastern timezone) my sister has asked about setting up a blog and slideshow.  She’s on a working holiday in Australia.  So in an attempt to learn more myself and give her a solution, I’ve created a user for … Continue reading

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How to feel when fixing a minor but insanely difficult bug

Don’t take it so hard, you know more than most people out there in the world, in this ultra-specific area of technology. Even if you did make a silly mistake, it had no reported impact on customers. Continue reading

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Canada Revenue Agency Katamari-style

Today, there was a need to contact the Canada Revenue Agency.  So I visited the website. Coincidently, today, I also discovered an awesome bookmarklet, to convert any site into a world of objects to be built up on a katamari … Continue reading

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Exhausted from crashes (Facebook documentation flaw)

Sometimes development bugs seem to never end.  Sometimes more come to light, immediately after fixing those we can already see. Bugs can come from one’s own mistakes, but this time it’s all Facebook’s fault.

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Development-time app distribution

So you want to know how to distribute your native iPhone test app? It’s much easier than emailing updated versions to testers, if you can simply have the app online all the time. And having newer versions published when they … Continue reading

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Towers of Hanoi puzzle game applied to real-life and work

The Towers of Hanoi game is a very clean, effective puzzle to learn problem solving, and also learn problem analysis. It’s easy to play with 2-3 discs, and becomes more challenging for inexperienced people with more discs. After learning the … Continue reading

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Caffeine and Quantum mechanics (Late-night thoughts on metaphysics)

Just drank some coffee and effortfully trying to develop a new project for the next couple months. And I’m getting into metaphysics. It’s dangerous, mostly because the conjecturing while alone in the wee hours of the morning is time consuming … Continue reading

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How to make true parabolas in Adobe Illustrator

Today, a post of technology and activities. A Google search for making a parabola brought me to a nice quick article on making a parabola-looking curved line on eHow.com, but for a quick half-day project I am needing to draw … Continue reading

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